Military Loan Resources

Active Duty Miltary Loans
Active Duty

Active duty military loans are available to US Armed Forces personnel currently serving.

Bad Credit Military Loans
Bad Credit

Bad credit military loans offer financial support to active duty members of the military, veterans, or their dependents.

Veteran Military Loans

Veterans of the US military and career-retired Armed Forces members can apply online for military loans.

Military Travel Loans
Travel & Vacation

Military personnel can pay for vacations and miscellaneous travel expenses with a military travel / vacation / PCS loan.

Loans for all branches and ranks of the Armed Forces

Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, & DoD are all eligible to apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Military Loans

Can I get a military loan with bad credit?
Yes. offers multiple loan options for military members with bad credit. Read the details at our bad credit military loans page.
Are military loans available for veterans?
Both Armed Forces veterans and career-retired DoD employees are eligible for veteran military loans.
Do I have to be on active duty to apply for a military loan?
Even if you are not currently active duty (18+ months of service remaining), you are still eligible to apply for personal military loans with low rates.
Can I pay for moving, a vacation, or PCS with a military travel loan?
Military travel loans can pay for vacations and any other travel related expenses, including PCS (Permanent Change of Station).
Can I apply for a military loan without a credit check?
Borrowers who are not on active duty are able to apply while only generating a "soft" credit inquiry. A "hard" credit inquiry will only appear on your credit report if you decide to take out a loan.
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